Full stacked TP/P logo with illustrated moments around the logos
Full stacked TP/P logo with illustrated moments around the logos

An Ethos

A Practice is Nothing
Without Practise

To Practise/Practice is a community born out of extensive research, a passion for the future, and an active drive toward progress. It’s not just another product, but a collection of solutions to bridge the access gap into the art world.

We are not the handmaids of the Art world. We give you the right lens to see through.

Practise your Practice. Regularly.

Directly providing the energy you’re looking for to support sustainable paths toward developing your craft–in your inbox.
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Our newsletter provides you a curated look into the industry, with researched backed selections, the latest from us, and the occasional deal to get you by.

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Hyde or Practise

Hosted by our Founder, Erika Wong and arts dealer, Alexis Hyde. New episodes every other week.

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Deals and Leads

TP/P partners provide you with discounts to get your what you need, not what you think you need.

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Practise your knowledge

The signature product of TP/P, our quizzes act as a crash course of making it in the art world. You’ll cover basic concepts through deep introspection and by the end of each quiz theme bucket, you’ll be equipped with a solid foundation to find your footing in the space.
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The Foundation

We’ve developed a curriculum of material to give you a self-guided crash course in the art world.

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Pop Quizzes

After brushing up on the basics, continue with us as we regularly keep you informed with the latest information.



Developing your ongoing Practise

From student groups to industry professionals, everyone has a place in our communities to share and learn from.

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Videos and Workshops

Watch and study our research-backed content to further define your craft.

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Group chats
and 1:1s

Find common interests or private advice within our community hashtags and spaces.

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Ultimately, this study has highlighted that the Creative Class are not the handmaidens to the hegemony of the Art World. Rather, this relationship is symbiotic. The interaction is framed within an interconnected system with a historical legacy of insularity and exclusivity perpetuated by all of the participants within it.

Dr. Erika Wong, Founder
Art World Hegemony and Access: Competing Perspectives on the Value of The Creative Class
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Activate your Practise

No path is built the same, but here are some paved roads you can try with us.

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