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Child's drawing of Dr. Erika Wong, drawn by her niece, Camille.

Dr. Erika Wong is a practicing artist and lecturer teaching the value of creative thinking to business students at the University of Brighton. Her research looks at the valuation and legitimisation system of the Art World and its relationship to the Creative Class, focussing on creative entrepreneurship and current technologies. Dr. Wong has worked internationally in tech, fashion, and art strategising. She holds a PhD in Business from the University of Brighton in Brighton, England, an MA in Creative Practice for Narrative Environment from Central St. Martins in London, England, and a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

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Rachel Usher is a freelance research consultant working with international start-ups and non-profit organisations, as well as academics across the Social Sciences. Her areas of expertise include research methodology; stakeholder engagement; consultation and education; project administration; and policy analysis. Rachel has contributed to a variety of projects within the non-profit and start-up ecosystems, and regularly contributes to, edits and proofreads major works such as book chapters, PhD dissertations, and academic articles. Rachel holds an interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Social Science specialising in Global Migration and Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Sociology.

Alexis Hyde sweats art, willingly, and it’s not always pretty. She is passionately driven to learn about, write about and spreading the appreciation of art. Hyde lives in LA and wages her very breath on discovering the best of the finer arts in her fair and far-flung city. She is currently working as an art advisor/dealer/consultant/podcast host/whathaveyou, but you may have seen her most recently as the Director of the Museum of Broken Relationships and Co-Curator of soft. core. la.  

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