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No one’s practice is built the same and the path for most artists/creatives is up-hill through a labyrinth. Through our research, we’ve discovered that most people get stuck in the maze and never make it out the other side. 

TPP’s dedicated quizzes help you position yourself within the ecosystem, understand decision-makers, and unpack the business of art. 

You’ll cover basic concepts and by the end of each quiz, you’ll have a solid foundation to situate your practice and find your footing in the space.

What kind of artist are you?

The first place to start is always the basics.

1. Do you make art?

How well do you know the decision makers?

How well do you know how the money moves?

Since 2016, we’ve pounded the pavement asking artists, creatives and industry professionals alike why they aren’t communicating with each other. 

We’ve compiled the data and it turns out – it’s because they can’t. 

Industry people and artists/creatives aren’t speaking the same language. 

In response, we developed these three questionnaires to support artists/creatives in finding the words to be seen and be heard.

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Our foundation quizzes are just the beginning. TP/P is always gathering feedback from artists/creatives telling us exactly what they’d find valuable in an art network. 

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